Reach high for our goals!
Each of us eager to learn and laugh!
Appreciate and respect others,
Do the right thing!

(Our school vision poem- created together by students, staff and families - 2008-09) 

Dear Parents and Community Members:

Welcome to Read Elementary School!  We are a K-5 school of about 340 students on the North side of Oshkosh.  

Our school community is made up of a dedicated staff, a diverse group of students, and many caring families.  We look forward to getting to know you and your child and having you actively take part in the strong traditions of caring and learning, appreciation of diversity, and the achievement of high academic standards that makes Read a great place to be!

The staff at Read have always found that parents’ interest in their children’s academic success is a great motivator for school success.  Please take advantage of the many opportunities for you to become involved in your child’s education.

Our mission reflects our culture in our school as well as our belief that all children can learn.  We look forward to working together toward growing our students and strengthening our partnerships with all the members of our school community!  


Jacquelyn Kiffmeyer

Principal: Read Elementary